We understand that the BIGGEST photography event in your lifetime is most likely to be your Wedding.  Our traditional and contemporary service begins with a pre-wedding consultation, usually at your home or in our Wolverhampton office.  Here we will discuss the plans for your big day, including venue details, times, style of images required, media formats for the final delivered product.  We will be able to confirm our availability together with prices.

EVERY Wedding is bespoke, and very different to the previous one.  With this in mind we do have three Wedding packages that are all very flexible with the advantage of you being able to add items before or after the main event.

The Wedding day is typically made up of various events throughout the day.  Bride getting prepared, Groom arriving and meeting guests, Bride arriving, The Ceremony,  Signing of the Register, The main Photography event, The Wedding breakfast, The Speeches, The Reception etc....  We can tailor our service to meet some or all of these mini-events.

Following the Wedding, and relatively new concepts to the UK are “LOVE THE DRESS” OR “TRASH THE DRESS” photoshoots.  If you have read about, or would like to know more about these concepts then please get in touch.

In addition, we are available to cover Christenings, Baptisms, Birthdays, Engagements and most other types of celebration event. 

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